Munich school_Wilhelm Trubner

Wilhelm Trübner_Extremely important transitional Munich School Painter influenced by Courbet and Manet. Or the Munich School was already under the spell of Velasquez, Vermeer, and Chardin. We hope we have helped you to appreciate the Munich School Painters and to see how much more depth, expression, and liveliness their paintings exhibited then those of the worn-out French Academy of the same era. Wilhelm Trübner and his friends in the Leibl Circle ushered in the era of purist painting in which formal concerns take precedence over the subject.

Trübner was born in Heidelberg. The painter Anselm Feuerbach encouraged him to study painting and he began studies at the Kunstschule in under Karl Friedrich Schick. In 1869 he began studying at the Kunstacademie in Munich, where he was greatly impressed by an international exhibition of paintings by Leibl and Gustave Courbet. Courbet visited Munich in 1869, not only exhibiting his work but demonstrating his alla prima method of working quickly from nature in public performances. This had an immediate impact on many of the city’s young artists, who found Courbet’s approach an invigorating alternative to the shopworn academic tradition.

Wilhelm Trübner_February 3, 1851_December 21, 1917

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