The Society of Figurative Arts provides hands-on Classes, Crash Courses, Workshops, Critiques, and Apprentice Programs.

The Society’s Curriculum is based on traditional methods of training that began in the Workshops of the Italian Renaissance that have been practiced by Master Artists for over seven hundred and fifty years.

Maestro Mentler has studied, absorbed, and re-invented those methods to make them relevant to todays artists and craftsman.

Michael Mentler is Founder and Director of The Society of Figurative Arts. He is an Internationally Recognized Draughtsman, Painter, Sculptor, Printmaker, Designer, Photographer, and Author.

Drawings by Maestro Mentler

TSoFA offers Instruction in: Drawing Fundamentals, Figure Drawing and Painting, Cast Drawing, Portraiture, Still-Life, Composition, Design, Perspective, Proportion, and Constructive Anatomy.

The Society maintains a 2100 sq. ft fully equipped teaching facility with Model Stand, Easels, Academy Benches, Supply Tables, Stools, Dedicated Form Lighting, an Art Resource Library, and a growing collection of Plaster Cast.

The ability to think visually, i.e., conceptualize, is the Fundamental Skill-set one must have to succeed in any art form. This includes; The Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Performing Arts, Decorative Arts, and Digital Arts.

Regardless or your chosen field; The Society of Figurative Art will help you maximize your abilities.

Mastering the Design and Drawing of the human form is the pinnacle achievement for the artist and is the core of the curriculum at TSoFA. It is designed to put you on a path to Mastering your craft.

“One can learn to draw without being able to paint but one cannot learn to paint without first learning to draw.” -Mentler