TSoFA’s purpose is to promote and evolve the classical traditions which began in the Golden Age of Greece (the Classical Period), fell somewhat dormant during the ‘middle’ or dark ages, and was reborn during the ‘Italian Renaissance’ fourteenth to seventeenth century, when classical philosophy literature, and art were rediscovered.

Our major focus is to promote the evolution and fundamental design principles of classicism through all genres of art; to provide educational resources to those who have an interest in the arts.

We provide a series of workshops and apprenticeship programs which teach: drawing, painting, and thinking in the Renaissance tradition. The traditions that have helped create master: architects, sculptors, draughtsmen, and painters over the past 700 or 800 years.

TSoFA also stresses a comprehensive understanding of ideal form based on abstract universal design concepts. (PLATO)

We also believe that careful observation and analysis of the geometries in nature can lead us to a better understanding of ideal form. (ARISTOTLE)

The programme at TSoFA promote individual expression through a complete understanding of mass conception and observation. It is designed to teach drawing and painting through inFORMation, imagination, and observation.