Portrait Open Sessions, Every Tuesday in 2021

Join us at the Society of Figurative Arts for the portrait open session every Tuesday 10:00am – 1pm. We welcome both drawing and painting, please bring only odorless solvents. Space is limited, reserve your spot on Meetup. Cost: $25 per 3 hr sessionCash preferred, Venmo, PayPal, and CC accepted. Joining event on Meetup and prepaying […]

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4-Day Workshop – DRAWING METHODS OF THE MASTERS, August 26-29, 2021

This four-day workshop, will cover the principles and practices of Master Draughtsman during the Renaissance, Baroque, and 18th Century. We will decode Da Vinci, demystify Durer, reveal Raphael, and unmask the methods of Michelangelo.
You will learn-how-to-learn to draw well-proportioned, well-constructed Drawings that contain the essence of Life.

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One-Day Masterclass – The Art of the Start, June 26, 2021

The Language of Drawing Masterclass, cover image

Michael Mentler will conduct a one-day drawing masterclass in DFW area on the elements of the visual language. The class will cover the visual vocabulary — the five levels of Intent, technique of the mass conception of primary geometric forms, and the art of responsive drawing. Basically, we will go over everything one needs to start drawing in classical tradition. This masterclass is the foundation of Michael’s Life-Drawing, Figure Structure, and “Heads, Faces and Features” workshops. This class would be very helpful to beginners and intermediate students who wish to strengthen their fundamental knowledge.

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