Apprentice and Model Opportunities at TSOFA


New prospects, wishing to learn directly from Michael Mentler, are welcome to join our Friday drawing sessions to begin with. There, Michael will evaluate level of prospect’s skills, learn about personality, and just get to know them. Qualities we’re looking for in an apprentice:

  • Desire and ability to learn and listen.
  • Availability on weekdays for regular apprentice meetings (usually once a week on Thursdays at 10 am – 1 pm).
  • Ability to help out during workshops on both weekdays and weekends.
  • Digital and social media skills such as creating marketing graphics for the studio, sending newsletters.


We’re always happy to add a new model to our figure drawing sessions. Qualities we’re looking for in a model:

  • Punctual and well organized.
  • Ability to hold up to 20 minute standing contrapposto poses.
  • Our studio holds drawing sessions from a nude model, therefore the model should be comfortable with this.
  • The model must be 18+.
  • Availability on weekdays. Our figure drawing sessions are held on Fridays 10:30 am to 1:30pm. This is the starting point for new models, we do not schedule new models for weekend workshops until they model for several Friday drawing sessions.
  • Ability to drive to the studio location in Carrollton, TX (3306 Wiley Post, Studio 104). We do not hold online modeling sessions, in-person only.

By applying you certify that you are over 18 years old and that you have read the above requirements.