A Lot of Influence on Classical Art Traditions

Andre Lhote Two Friends header

André Lhote André Lhote  was a major ‘keeper of the keys’ for the classic point of view, his book ‘A Treatise on Landscape Painting’ is an excellent informative read. He was born on July 5, 1885 in Bordeaux, where he learned wood carving at a furniture maker’s studio at the age of thirteen. A little later […]

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The Shade School Painters – Coldstream, Uglow, and Others

Euan Uglow - The Wave

The Slade School in London has a rich tradition in the education of contemporary artisans and this excellent series fo articles highlights of few of the more prominent painters associated with The Slade. http://paintingperceptions.com/the-slade-school-of-art-part-one/

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