The apprentice’s advancement requires a careful study of figure structure, as elucidated by Richer, Bridgman, and Hale, familiarizing themselves with the bony structure of the skeleton, and the location, origin, insertion, and function of the muscles. FIGURE STRUCTURE Architectonic Disengno The Architectural Design and Structure of the Human Form The skeletal system is compliant with […]

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THE FOUR ELEMENTS OF MASS CONCEPTION The elements of mass conception are; the Idea or concept of the Form, determining the precise shape of the Form, establishing Form lighting, and the positioning of the Form in Space. The apprentice should make a daily practice of drawing cubes, spheres and cylinders. In the architectonic drawing, all […]

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Architectonic Form

Wenzel Jamnitzer, Perspectiva corporum regularium, header

In the basic Renaissance Tradition, a point is a line on end, a line is the edge of a plane, and the plane is the skin on a form. In this system there is no such thing as shapes only planes which are always part of a form unit. We first visualize the form units […]

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