Post-Card Kiddy Porn

The Putti Paintings of William-Adolphe Bouguereau pose an openly disturbing question. Are these fluttering Putti, naked Ninos and pre-pubescent young girls Angelically endearing or Bacchanalian post-card porn. These Images of breast caressing maidens awaiting spoil were typical of the Salon paintings of the era that saw the demise of Academic History Painting Bouguereau is, without […]

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As the name implies, Figurative Art is our main focus and has been for decades. The Society was created to provide fundamental skill-sets, aesthetic sensibilities, professional practices, and materials expertise to those individuals in pursuit of multiple creative endeavors. TSoFA focuses on individual creative potential and provides pathways to help them achieve it. We serve […]

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The Figurative Arts Defined

Alberto Giacometti - James Lord, header

What is Figurative Art – Here is the Term Definition from the Tate The term has been particularly used since the arrival of abstract art to refer to artists that retain aspects of the real world as their subject matter, though in a general sense figurative also applies retrospectively to all art before abstract art. Modern figurative […]

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