First, one needs to understand that drawing is more than a craft; it is an integral part of the plastic arts. They need to understand what constitutes art and what does not. They need a strong overview and a game plan in order at achieve Mastery. They need to understand the Five Levels of Intent and what each level entails.

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Barnstone YouTube Interview – The Journey

Myron interview, header

Myron Barnstone had a major influence on many artistic careers including mine.┬áHe taught for thirty-five years at his studio school ‘The Barnstone Studios’ where he helped mentor many notable talents including Juliette Aristides and Dan Thompson. Myron was a true ‘cognoscente’ of classical design using the golden section and root rectangles.

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Barnstone – Golden Section

Barnstone Golden Section, header

Myron Barnstone with a brief explanation of the use of Golden Section ratios in design for the artisan.

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