The Nature of Abstraction

There were only a few really great teachers of painting in the 20th century among them Robert Henri and Hans Hofmann. Many would put them in different genres of substantive imagery, but that is not the case. What both men taught was living a life of art, and that painting is pure design. Both were […]

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TSOFA Recommended logo

TSOFA RECOMMENDED • The Society of Figurative Arts and The Venerable Association of Artists (VAoA) will field test and review artists materials in the TSOFA TEST STUDIO to provide the Fine Art Professional and serious amateur with the product information they need to make informed purchase decisions. We visit industry trade events such as Namta […]

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NONFINITO – The Art of Unfinished

The idea of a finished work of art is very transient and illusive. I once heard the famous sculptor Jacque Lipschitz respond to the question of “how do you know when a work is finisted” his response was “when I stop working on it.” Of course Lipschitz worked in a more abstracted genre which made […]

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Beaux-Arts Tradition

CLASSICAL TRADITION “For me a work of art must be an elevated interpretation of nature. The search for the ideal has been the purpose of my life.” – William Adolphe Bouguereau – Not my favorite painter from the Beaux-Arts tradition, but as I have said many times, he and his contemporaries vision of classcism was […]

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The Book of Bones

Michael Mentler, The Book of Bones, header

Michael Mentler releases his first sketchbook collection which transcends his reader through his thoughts and lessons learned from the great masters of the art world. Access the incite, the creativity, and the logic that makes the abstract and/or realistic appeal to the viewer’s eye. Learn from the man who brings back Leonardo Da Vinci to modern day times.

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Saint Petersburg Academy of the Arts (Repin Academy)

There are many schools out there the claim they are teaching in the classical tradition who are not teaching anything remotely close, and have little or no direct linage to those traditions.The Gold Standard in traditional training in Architecture, Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture, with a 250 year linage, is the Repin Academy in Saint Petersburg, […]

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DVD: Heads, Faces, and Features (Volume one)

Michael Mentler, Instructional DVD: Heads, Faces, and Features (Volume one), header

90 Minute instructional DVD on Heads, Faces, and Features. (Volume one) this volume deals with the bony structure and proportions of the skull and muscles of expression.

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Contrapposto Torso Workshop

Mentler Contrapposto Torso Workshop, header

This figure drawing crash course will deal with developing a blueprint for drawing the human form. Michael will deal with the whole figure in context with a focus on the structural relationships of the spine, pelvis, ribcage, shoulder-girdle, and upper extremities. He will decode Da Vinci, demystify Durer, reveal the rhythm of Raphael, and methods of Michelangelo.

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Prix de Rome

Cupid and Psyche Baby, header

These are not exactly house hold names and most of them have long since faded away. That’s what happens when you let the state dictate taste. There are a few good painters in the bunch who did decent works apart from official salons and there are those who are enamored with craft and mimesis that champion the history painters of the […]

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