What would leo do?

CHAP. XX.—Of drawing Academy Figures.

“WHEN you draw from a naked model, always sketch in the whole of the figure, suiting all the members well to each other; and though you finish only that part which appears the best, have a regard to the rest, that, whenever you make use of such studies, all the parts may hang together.”

Do not draw isolated parts, draw enough of the figure to relate the parts to the whole. Identify the most interesting aspect of the pose and spent the bulk of your time analyzing its characteristics. Always relate the parts to the whole.

“In composing your attitudes, take care not to turn the head on the same side as the breast, nor let the arm go in a line with the leg. If the head turn towards the right shoulder, the parts must be lower on the left side than on the other; but if the chest come forward, and the head turn towards the left, the parts on the right side are to be the highest.”

In indicating the whole figure juxtapose the axises of major masses. Head, ribcage and pelvis facing opposing directions. Note the contra-postal (weight distribution) aspects of the pose. Do not let the arms appear parallel the legs or to the edge of the paper.

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