Keeper of the Keys

The Venerable Society of Arts & Artists has taken up the stewardship of design integrity.  If for no other reason than someone has to do it.  We will be assuming the roll of defender of the citadel of design and universal truths.  If this seems pontifical to some, so be it.  Are there those who are better qualified to KEEP the KEYS, likely.  So why, you ask, do we feel the need to enter into this arena.  It is our firm belief that ones creative journey should have a purposeful destination.  It is critical, most of all, that the fledgling artist can find the path that gets them where they want to go, and without proper Stewardship they are in eminent danger of getting it wrong.

VSAA champions no one period, style, of genre of the creative universe.  The Society’s goal is to bring forward the best of all traditions and to elucidate the universal truths that separate the great from good, the good from the mediocre and the mediocre from the bad.

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