The Brotherhood of Zinc

According to the Zinc Zealots, all of the paintings of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood should have fallen off their supports long ago.

Obviously that did not happen with the their painting and thousands upon thousands of other paintings done with Zinc White that hang in museums.

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood used prepared canvases with layers of flake white containing Lead and Zinc and added additional ground layers of Zinc White on top of that.

They mixed it with other colors, used it throughout the painting process and used it for highlights.

It would appear that they broke every imaginable rule laid out by the Zinc-a-phobes.

The Pre-Raphaelite painters; Rossetti, Waterhouse, Millais, Morris, Hunt, Burne-Jones, and others painted on Zinc Oxide grounds because it is notably more brilliant than Lead Carbonate.

The techniques used for the most part were compatible with the characteristics of Zinc Oxide White. They worked in very thin glazes to allow the bright white ground to be luminous.

The P.R.B. undoubtedly understood the ‘Fat over Lean’ principle, which every painter should learn as soon as possible in their career.

Which brings us to an interesting point about how stupid the Zinc Defilers think painters are.

Under the guise of saving us from ourselves and the negligible
ravages if Zinc White, they promote their alternative products (Lead White) and, of course, the infamous book that promotes bygone painting procedures.

The campaign against Zinc White uses smoke and mirrors to deflect attention away from the toxicity baggage of Lead Whites.

In their campaign to baffle us with irrelevant bullshit, they think we are too stupid to notice the Elephant in the room, i.e., the tens of thousands of paintings containing Zinc White that were supposed to delaminate and fall off of the substrates THEY DID NOT!

Zinc White has caused its share of problems, but no more or no less than a myriad of other issues confronting museum restoration departments.

In fact Lead White has caused far more cracking in oil paintings than Zinc White.

The negative campaign to defame Zinc White relies on painters being incredibly naive or just plain stupid.

If one is not insulted by this blatant attempt at deception they should be.

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