Rembrandt Oil Paint Review.

PROSPECTUS:_Rembrandt Artists’ Oil Colors are manufactured to exacting professional quality standards in Apeldoorn, Holland. They respond to the brush with a buttery feel and have a noticeable brilliance and color intensity rarely seen anywhere in the world.

Rembrandt Oils are highly durable and are produced with the highest color strength possible, using valuable, costly, pure pigments. The pigments are ground to extreme fineness

The pigments are ground to extreme fineness in a binder consisting of the purest linseed or safflower seed oil, resulting in an oil paint whose texture is exceptionally smooth, creamy, and even.

  • SELECTION_120 colors with an even distribution across the several color ranges and a good balance between transparent and opaque colors.
  • PROPRIETARY COLORS_Rembrandts Transparent Oxides show up on a lot of palettes.
  • CONSISTENCY AND TEXTURE_As per their perspectus_exceptionally smooth, creamy, and even. This is the most buttery brand tested.
  • BINDERS_Primarily Linseed and Safflower.
  • ADDITIVES_They makes very little mention of ingredients beyond binders but like all professional-great paint manufacturers, we tested they only use modifiers required to make a pigment usable.
  • FINISH OR SHEEN_The semi-gloss range.
  • PACKAGING_Recently improved with solid information on the label.
  • TOXICITY_Large group of Cadmiums, no lead whites because of legal restrictions in the country of origin.
  • TRANSLUCENCY_They are known for their transparent pigments, considered by many as the best in the industry.
  • MIXABILITY/TINTING STRENGTH_Outstanding because of small pigment size
  • INTENSITY_ Excellent
  • DRYING TIME_ Varies depending on the pigment.
  • AVAILABILITY_ Good Presence at Art Supply Retailers.

SYNOPSIS:_Consistent with their prospectus_Rembrandt is an Extra-Fine pigment which gives the colors a consistent creaminess across the range. This differentiates them from brands that are not extra-finely milled which have varying coarseness from pigment to pigment. Some prefer smooth, others prefer more drag on the brush. In general, more finely milled pigments have better tinting strength. Rembrandt Oils are tier-one Professional-Grade Artists Oil Paints.

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