munich school_Herman Hartwich

Herman Hartwich_ Born July 8, 1853, in New York City_Died March 8, 1926 in_Munich. Herman was a German-American landscape and genre painter. He was initially taught how to paint by his father and later studied painting at The Academy of Fine Arts Munich_1881 to 1884.

Much more than meandering through the history of Western Painting, this journey is a search for the bits and pieces that ring our bell. It is not an endorsement of a painter or genre of painting per se it is about discovering the actual lineages that matter in order to get to where we want to go next. The Munich School, as an example, worked in an impressionistic manner long before Impressionism occurred in France. They held edges more than the Monet and crew, but the brushwork and thinking were in place.

The primary schools in Europe had moved on from the Davidian Neo-Classicism that held sway in the French Academy of Bouguereau and the boys. We are merely picking out the aspects that appeal to us, with the Dutch and German Schools their handling of mood and light is particularly interesting.

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