PROSPECTUS:_M. Graham Artists’ Oil Colors are made with a walnut oil binder, an alternative to traditional linseed oil that’s been preferred by artists for centuries. In fact, today it’s known that Renaissance masters such as Da Vinci and Durer generally favored walnut oil over linseed oil. Walnut oil provides rich, vibrant color that is naturally more alive and brilliant than traditional linseed oil. Free-flowing and slow drying, M. Graham’s walnut oil formulation enable delicate passages of finely blended color that retain their brilliance over time.

  • SELECTION_75 we selected colors to provide more than adequate range.
  • PROPRIETARY COLORS_The main proprietary feature is the Walnut Oil Binder and Solvent-Free Painting. They along with Gamblin are the most environmental and health hazard friendly.
  • CONSISTENCY AND TEXTURE_Warm butter consistency is the Rembrandt neighborhood. Though not labeled EXTRA-FINE they do have a smooth buttery consistency and are useable right out of the tube. No need for solvents or mediums in the underpainting layers.
  • BINDERS_They claim exclusively Walnut oil.
  • ADDITIVES_Only their chemist knows for sure. There are two main schools of thought out. No additives and needed additives. The first extols the virtues of only pigment and binder with no additives as the best practice the second uses additives required the get maximum performance from each pigment. Most manufacturers claim the first and do the second. Due to the binder/oil separation in a large number of pigments we accept their claim of Walnut Oil as the primary binder.
  • FINISH OR SHEEN_Semi-Gloss
  • PACKAGING_Substantial packaging with good information and better caps than most.
  • TOXICITY_Except for a number of Cadmiums of which the verdict is still out they have made a practice to maintain healthy studio environments.
  • TRANSLUCENCY_Walnut oil is better for transparent pigments than Linseed.
  • MIXABILITY/TINTING STRENGTH_Strong again because of Walnut oil.
  • INTENSITY_Cleaner and Brighter like Safflower and Poppyseed..
  • DRYING TIME_ Slower than Linseed not as slow as Poppyseed.
  • AVAILABILITY_ On-line_limited at retail.

SYNOPSIS:_ Professional Grade Fine Artist Oils with a good selection. Walnut oil has several advantages over Cold Press Linseed oil in terms of brighter colors and less yellowing. Nut oils dry slower than Linseed which makes it mixable on the canvas longer, characteristic many painters like, particularly portrait painters who work on paintings multiple sessions. In practice, M. Graham’s colors are compatible with Extra-Fine brands containing other binders, in theory, one should use paints with the same consistency and the same binder.

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