PROSPECTUS:_Holbein ranks as one of the world’s finest lines of professional oil colors. The formulation of each color is modified individually to compensate for the inherent differences in the working characteristics of pigments. The result is an even consistency across the entire palette of color. Holbein maintains its quality standards by test inspection of pigment purity, color tone, applicability and adhesion, physical stability, light stability, thermo-stability, and anti-bacterial stability. Pigments are ground from three to five times as necessary to achieve a universally consistent viscosity. The manufacturing process in each of the preparation, mixing, grinding, adjustment, and filling stages is monitored by reference to optimum quality standards.

  • SELECTION_167 colors provide an extremely extensive if somewhat confusing selection.
  • PROPRIETARY COLORS_A bunch including their foundation colors
  • CONSISTENCY AND TEXTURE_Extremely consistent Extra-Finely milled with each pigment mixture tuned for maximum compatibility. Mid-range density like Blockx, Lukas Sennelier, Williamsburg, and Vasari. Very consistent right out of the tube and onto the brushable. They tout their brushable texture.
  • BINDERS_Holbein has never met an oil they did not like including Poppy, Safflower, Linseed, and others. Holbein uses the best binder mixture for each individual pigment. They have achieved maximum compatibility across the entire line.
  • ADDITIVES_Only their chemist knows for sure. There are two main schools of thought out. No additives and needed additives. The first extols the virtues of only pigment and binder with no additives as the best practice the second uses additives required the get maximum performance from each pigment. Most manufacturers claim the first and do the second. Holbein unabashedly belongs to the second school.
  • FINISH OR SHEEN_Between Satin and Semi-Gloss
  • PACKAGING_Substantial packaging with good information and better caps than most.
  • TOXICITY_Several Leads and lots of Cadmiums. Well labeled but they pretty much give the painter the choice.
  • TRANSLUCENCY_Large selection lots of everything but not overdone on the transparent side.
  • MIXABILITY/TINTING STRENGTH_Strong per Extra-Fine Milling.
  • INTENSITY_Excellently tuned range.
  • LIGHTFASTNESS_The largely lines have more questionable borderline colors,
  • DRYING TIME_ Balanced out with binder mixtures
  • AVAILABILITY_ On-line_good at retail.

SYNOPSIS:_Professional Grade Extra-Fine Artist Oils with an outstanding selection. Marries the best of traditional methods with modern advances in chemistry. If you are a traditionalist these paints may not be your cup of tea. If however, you think the colors you put on your palette should get along together then Holbein would be a brand to consider. In general with a few caveats, Extra-Fine Brands have compatible characteristics. They also tout compliance with the Munsell Color System. Their prospectus is not hyped it describes their color making philosophy pretty well.

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