Munsell, a Color Matching System for type (A) Painters

Munsell, Color System, header

Match Made in Heaven If you want to know what local color you see in nature, and want a scientific method to match that color, then the Munsell Color System may be just what you are looking for.  This is a near perfect, color matching, solution for those that seek out a recipe and follow […]

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Architectonic Form

Wenzel Jamnitzer, Perspectiva corporum regularium, header

In the basic Renaissance Tradition, a point is a line on end, a line is the edge of a plane, and the plane is the skin on a form. In this system there is no such thing as shapes only planes which are always part of a form unit. We first visualize the form units […]

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Our Library

The Clementinum, Prague, Czech Republic, header

The Venerable Society of Fine Arts and Artists maintains one of the most extensive libraries of books on and about art in the western world. Resource number one: Amazon Resource number two: Yale’s Compilation of Resources Resource number three: Yale Resource number four: The Smithsonian Resource number five: Stanford Resource number six: My Modern Met […]

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The Barnstone Banter

Peter Paul Rubens - Study of the Torso Belvedere

Myron Barnstone taught in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania for over 35 years. He single-handedly keep Classical drawing traditions alive and well for many hundreds of students.  The following link will take you to a few of Myron’s very insightful newsletters: Barnstone Newsletters

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Brain Food

Leonardo da Vinci, Composite Rendition of the Brain and Cranial Nerves, header

Unlike a camera the draugthsman has a brain. We see with are brain via our eyes.

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