Figure drawing sessions

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All classes have been postponed at this time. Follow our Meetup page and subscribe to our newsletter for updates. Join us at the Society of Figurative Arts for the life drawing session with Michael Mentler every Friday 11:00am – 2:30pm. Students will have a chance to practice drawing from the model as well as observe […]

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Methods of the Masters

The ideas and methods presented here are mass conceptions that have proven to be useful in the construction of the human form. These methods were developed over the past several decades from study and absorption of works from many of the usual suspects. John Henry Vanderpoel, George Brant Bridgman, and Robert Beverly Hale form the […]

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Giovanni-Battista-Piranesi​​ – Master Draughtman

“Piranesi and the Temples of Paestum: Drawings from Sir John Soane’s Museum,” This is a link to the Newington-Cropsey Cultural Studies Foundation which is an important resource for all artists who share an interest in preserving and promoting cultural lineage. Click the link to read an excellent article by Gail Leggio from American Arts Quarterly. […]

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