Mentoring Program – The Society of Figurative Arts

The TSOFA Mentoring Program offers a unique opportunity for aspiring artists to be Mentored in-person and/or online by a Master Practitioner. Recent history has shown us the importance of one-on-one in person learning which begins with attending weekly 3-hour studio sessions at The Society of Figurative Arts, and/or regularly scheduled in-person Workshops throughout the year.

Building on a core foundation, Prospects develop further skill-sets based on individual needs. The TSOFA Program recognizes that art is not a team sport, and that the each person needs to be taught how to learn based on their own individual aesthetic. It is all about building a solid foundation for lifelong creative pursuits.

Friday in-person Mentoring Sessions concentrate on developing skill-sets one needs to advance in their chosen field. Society members will receive instruction and guidance based on their individual needs. Be it creating a scholarship-worthy portfolios, expanding their general knowledge base, or mastering new materials and techniques. 

Studio Sessions provide professional models and develop figure drawing which is the foundational skillset for Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture. The core focus is built around skillsets needed in multiple arenas: Architecture, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design, Animation, Game Design, Film, Photography, and other visual art-based endeavors.

Although it is impossible to generate a list of skillsets that would accommodate every individual’s needs, we know that several areas require concentrated focus.

  • A Portfolio review and determining ones goals is the starting point. Michael will provide critiques, examine where you are, and help you determine the direction suitable for you.
  • Ones knowledge base begins with Materials and Methods.
  • Figure Drawing tops the list for solid portfolios. (Models available every session.)
  • Cast drawing is a standard Skill-Set and a right of passage.
  • Master studies in both Drawing and painting should be an ongoing discipline.  
  • Design & Composition are part of every foundation curriculum. 
  • Knowledge of the Golden Section separates one from the pack.

Instructor: Michael Mentler
Date: Fridays, Ongoing
Time: Fridays, 10:00am to 1:30pm
Location: The Society of Figurative Arts
Address (view on Google Maps):
3306 Wiley Post, Studio 104, Carrollton, Texas, 75006
Fee: $45. (Limit 8, please bring your own supplies)

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