The Mentler Method PROPORTION Workshop

  • LOCATION: The Society of Figurative Arts Studio
  • ADDRESS: 3306 Wiley Post, Carrollton, Texas, 75006
  • DATE: Saturday, March, 14th, and Sunday, March, 15th
  • TIME: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm (45 Minute Lunch Break)
  • COST: $285 (Pay Now).
  • Demonstrations in the mornings, drawing from live models in the afternoons.

Building a successful drawing starts with having a clear blueprint. These methods and procedures have been used by the world’s great Masters for over six centuries. 

Michael Mentler’s Two-Day Hands-on Workshop on the C.S.I. System of Proportion provides attendees with a BLUEPRINT FOR DRAWING THE HUMAN FIGURE.

Michael’s unique system of PROPORTIONS, the identification of skeletal LANDMARKS, the use of ALIGNMENTS, ANGLES and AXISES for comparative measurement, as well as the use of NEGATIVE SHAPES to create believable FORESHORTENING, will be covered in detail.

“Michael’s intense study of the teachings and works of George Brandt Bridgman and Robert Beverly Hale make him a natural progression of that linage with the added twist of his own dynamic personal style.”David Kassan

“Michael’s sketchbooks are masterpieces, he is a modern-day Leonardo.” Richard Schmid

“Richards Right.” -Dan McCaw-

This workshop is loaded with information for experienced artists as well as amateurs. It goes beyond drawing what you see by showing you what to look for and provides you with the skillsets necessary to become a better artist. 

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Credit cards accepted, cash preferred.


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