Introductory Class: Rudimentary Essentials of Drawing and Design.

The nine-session introduction to Renaissance drawing systems begins on Friday, September, 6th 10:00am to 11:00am. This program will consist of intensive one-hour demonstrations with anecdotes and critiques. Attendees will be given hand-outs, follow-up exercises and reading suggestions. The groups will be small for these classes, please reserve your spot ahead of time.

What exactly are Rudiments?

Rudiments are the foundation, the building blocks, the essential elements, the founding principles of traditional drawing and design systems. Grasping the ‘RUDIMENTS’ involves making a series of determinations about what one is about to draw. Because the creative mind needs a series of guideposts to keep them from aimless wandering through the wilderness, we have developed the acronym R.U.D.I.M.E.N.T.S.. Hopefully, this will help guide you along your creative path.

READING – Relearning the universe in visual terms.
UNDERSTANDING – Underscoring relevant visual information.
DESIGNING – Disengo_Drawing and Design are the same process.
ILLUSION – The five levels of intent that add up to the illusion.
MASSING – The mass conception and organization of forms in space.
EMPHASIZING – The empirical ordering of design elements.
NAVIGATION – Orchestration and organization of visual symbols.
TRANSLATiON – Transcribing the visual language into a viewer-friendly idiom.
SIMPLIFYING – Editing out or sublimating the unessential.

(This is the hardest part!)

These guideposts act as a map not as a predetermined route. They are axioms that have helped navigate the journey toward mastery long before the quattrocento.

Mastering any art form begins and ends with building a solid foundation of fundamental design principles. These ‘Rudimentary’ concepts need to become an inherent part of one’s subconscious.

Class will meet at 10:00am to 11:00am every Friday up until November 1st. A figure drawing session will follow at 11:30am to 2:30pm for those who want to practice and incorporate what they have learned.

$45 per class or $360 for 9 sessions.
$15 per drawing session or $120 for 9 sessions for class attendees.

Studio Address (view on Google Maps):
3306 Wiley Post, Studio 104, Carrollton, TX
Phone: 972-679-1625

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