Figure, Function, and Form Drawing and Painting MasterClass Mentored by Michael Mentler

Date: June, 8th-12th (Sat.-Wed.)
Time: 9:30am to 4:30pm
Place: The Society of Figurative Arts
3306 Wiley Post, Carrollton, Tx. 75006
Cost: $785

All easels, academy benches, and materials will be provided by TSofA. Unless you have something you work with that you can’t live without we have you covered.

You will learn from Leonardo, define Durer, reveal Raphael, and discover Michelangelo’s methods.

Michael’s approach to the mastery of drawing has been used by the worlds great masters for well over six centuries.

Message/Phone: 972-679-1625

Bring a small sketchbook because there will be a lot of information you will want to notate.

Memorizing Latin names and drawing each muscle is not nearly as important as understanding how the body functions. The secret to mastering the structure of the human machine is not about memorizing parts it is about knowing how those parts work as a whole, their function and form and how they relate and articulate with each other.

Day One: We will examine the building blocks of mass conception and the underlying architectonic armature of the body, as in the pillars of the legs the arch of the foot, and the dome of the skull. You will learn how to see and analyze the pose not just copy it. The all-important relationship of the ribcage to the pelvis and their attachment to the spine will be examined in detail.
The bony landmarks and Michael’s CSI Canon of proportion will also be briefly reviewed.
( 5:00 – Wine and Hors d’oeuvres)

Day Two: We will identify major muscle groups that make up the structural framework of the human form. Their form and function will be highlighted as well as their origin and insertion points.
Michael will demonstrate how these components of the human machine articulate with each other by wedging together like gears to operate the next group.
(5:00 – Wine and Hors d’oeuvres)

• Day Three: Will concentrate on pulling all the information together and making it an integral part of your creative process. We all have different temperaments and will gravitate with what resonates with us. The purpose here is learning to draw and paint not learning to draw and paint the same.
(5:30 – Happy-hour from 5:30 to 7:00 at Ron’s or Table 13)

Underlying the focus on structural information will be a concentration on how drawing and painting can be part of the same process with seamless transition.

• Day Four: will be primarily devoted to historic and some not so historical approaches to the painting process and demonstrating a seamless transition from drawing to painting that straightens out the learning curve significantly.

Mentler Contrapposto Torso Workshop, example work 01

• Day Five: Will be a review of the information covered in the first four days. Have a group lunch out at a fabulous restaurant TBD, and draw/paint from the model in the afternoon.

You will be given the step-by-step plan that will put you on a clearer path to mastery. The focus will be on the mass conception, building the supporting armature, defining the structure components, finding the tips, tilts, and twists that are present in every pose, creating of visual interest through selective emphasis, the rhythmic ordering and juxtaposition of the essential elements, and finding the yin, yang relationships in every aspect of constructing the human form.

The vital aspect of our approach is that he teaches one HOW to learn.

You will be given a clear pathway for acquiring the knowledge needed to understand the practical aspects of the human form. This will be a hands-on learning experience utilizing your current skill-sets and adding to your knowledge vault. There will be a great deal of useful information for the serious amateur and professional alike. No two people are alike and no two people should be expected to draw and paint alike. Our concentration is on the individual and not on rendering in a specific manner or mastering a certain technique. Sight-size copying certainly has its place in the learning process, and it is a rite of passage to the advancement of one’s skill sets. It should, however, never be confused with drawing or painting. The inFORMation Michael provides will help you find your own path and eventually your own destination. 

“Michael’s sketchbooks are masterpieces, he is a modern day Leonardo.” – Richard Schmid –

“Richard’s Right.” – Dan McCaw –

“Michael’s intense study of the teachings and works of Bridgman and Robert Beverly Hale make him a natural progression of that linage with the added twist of his own dynamic personal style.” – David Kassan –

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