Contrapposto Torso Workshop

The Society of Figurative Arts

A Three-Day Figure Drawing Workshop
Instructed by
Master Draughtsman Michael Mentler

When: Monday, February 18th – Wednesday, February 20th.
Where: TSoFA Studio, 3306, Wiley Post, Carrollton, Texas (Close to Addison Airport)
Time: 9:30 – 5:00
Cost: $425

All easels and materials provided by TSofA

Message/Phone: 972-679-1625

This figure drawing crash course will deal with developing a blueprint for drawing the human form. Michael will deal with the whole figure in context with a focus on the structural relationships of the spine, pelvis, ribcage, shoulder-girdle, and upper extremities. He will decode Da Vinci, demystify Durer, reveal the rhythm of Raphael, and methods of Michelangelo.

You will be given the step-by-step plan used by the world greatest masters for over six centuries. We will cover the structure and proportions, and concentrate on balance, rhythm, and the distribution and relationship of the major masses. Demonstrations will be given in the mornings. We will take a short break for lunch and draw from the model in the afternoons.

This workshop is loaded with information for the experienced artist as well as serious amateur. It is not about drawing what one sees as much as knowing what to look for. Michael will show you how to learn the skill-sets required to become a successful artist.

“Michael’s sketchbooks are masterpieces, he is a modern day Leonardo.” – Richard Schmid –

“Richard’s Right.” – Dan McCaw –

“Michael’s intense study of the teachings and works of Bridgman and Robert Beverly Hale make him a natural progression of that linage with the added twist of his own dynamic personal style.” – David Kassan –

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