Artworks by Michael Mentler

Michael’s artworks can be acquired through a multitude of galleries. Some of his drawings and paintings are available via TSoFA website.

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The Book of Bones

Michael Mentler, The Book of Bones, header

Michael Mentler releases his first sketchbook collection which transcends his reader through his thoughts and lessons learned from the great masters of the art world. Access the incite, the creativity, and the logic that makes the abstract and/or realistic appeal to the viewer’s eye. Learn from the man who brings back Leonardo Da Vinci to modern day times.

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DVD: Heads, Faces, and Features (Volume one)

Michael Mentler, Instructional DVD: Heads, Faces, and Features (Volume one), header

90 Minute instructional DVD on Heads, Faces, and Features. (Volume one) this volume deals with the bony structure and proportions of the skull and muscles of expression.

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