Firstly one must decide if the objective is to create or imitate; Creativity is a singular lonely activity as opposed to the more comfortable arena of imitative conformity. Homo sapiens are all born with tribal instincts, what differentiates us is the size of the tribe we feel comfortable in, and the objectives of that tribe. […]

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The layman is often baffled that some of the painters they most admire seem to have fallen through the cracks of history. It is beyond their comprehension that painters who could paint so realistically could so easily be dismissed. They are agas when they also learn that if any of these ‘stalwarts’ made it to […]

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Being an advocate of skill-based training and having spent several decades in the pursuit of those skills I am diametrically opposed to those who would purposefully try to dumb-down as many non-Socratic thinkers as possible in the name of ‘art’. The first glaring problem with ARC’s philosophy is that they have none. Philosophy would denote a […]

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Humble Pie

Kenyon Cox - Reclining Female Nude Study for "Painting", header

“It has been said that the criticism of art by an artist is never anything else than an apology for his own work. This is so far true that the expression of opinions definitely held must be the expression of ideals consciously striven for, but I should be sorry to have it thought that my […]

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Keeper of the Keys

Keepers of the Keys, header

The Venerable Society of Arts & Artists has taken up the stewardship of design integrity.  If for no other reason than someone has to do it.  We will be assuming the roll of defender of the citadel of design and universal truths.  If this seems pontifical to some, so be it.  Are there those who are better […]

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